Wednesday, June 09, 2010

In retrospect, it seems obvious:

Longtime readers know I'm a huge Nightcrawler fan, and that in the recent Marvel crossover "Second Coming" he was killed off. Kurt got the ax because he's one of the relatively few X-Men not killed off and brought back already, and because he hasn't had a lot to do in the X-Books lately. But it's not like he didn't have his chance: he had his own series in 2004, with art by Darick Robertson. Even with moments like Nightcrawler snapping Wolverine's neck, socking Mephisto one in the kisser, dressing up as a pirate; the book just never seemed to hit it big.

And then, while on a walk the other day, I had an idea on how it could: play up the Wolverine angle, but in a manner that hadn't been done in comics for some time and perhaps never at Marvel.
I was positive there was a Jimmy Olsen cover like this, but now I'm not sure:  I was thinking of something, though.
To be fair, that's not terrible advice...
Search Wolverine's Pal, and you're going to get a bunch of phase alternate line stuff.
Oh, Canada.
Oh, Adamantium Lad is technically obeying the Legion's rule about teenagers: he's 214.
Where is my old time distorter?
And, if the sales start to wobble, we can bring in a real draw:
Just a matter of time until Deadpool's Pal is a comic, with someone.
Wow, it is easy to write Wolverine being a dick...


James Figueiredo said...

OMG, this comic absolutely NEEDS to exist!

CalvinPitt said...

Now when Wolverine says draft picks, is he talking sports, or draft beer? It could go either way.

And maybe Wolverine just being a dick to people (rather than killing them) is what the X-Books need more of. Besides swashbuckling Nightcrawler, of course.

Sea-of-Green said...

Is Canadian beer REALLY that good?

Or is Nightcrawler REALLY that bad? ;-)

What we really need is the original Excalibur team back -- with Kurt in charge!

chiasaur11 said...

Okay, I would buy that.

I mean, even aside from being a fan of Kurt.

SallyP said...

Oh this needs to happen. I would buy this book and I would READ it!

Fanboy Wife said...

I showed this to my husband, and Adamantium Lad is now his favorite superhero!

~P~ said...

Adamantium Lad!
That is pretty freakin' awesome!
And it actually SOUNDS cool too.