Thursday, June 10, 2010

A rule of thumb, I recommend for you as well:

If there's a Groo issue in the quarter bin, no question: buy it.
Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier (probably more often than not accompanied by Stan Sakai on letters) have done, off the top of my head, what, a hundred-and-twenty some issues of Groo the Wanderer, through something like five different publishers? Even randomly buying Groo issues, you're probably going to get different ones every time, and they will be funny, every time.

Scans from Groo the Wanderer #34, "The Amulet" from Aragonés and Evanier. Incidentally, old Groo comics from Epic are far more timeless than any of the mainstream books advertised therein, like the Fall of the Mutants X-book crossover. Just saying.


SallyP said...

Good Gosharootie, I do love Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier. Oh, and Groo, too.

usagigoya said...
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usagigoya said...

Not counting the handful of miscellaneous short stories, Groo's publishing history consists of:

Pacific Comics - 8 issues

Eclipse Comics - 1 issue

Epic Comics (Marvel) - 120 issues plus 2 original graphic novels

Image Comics - 12 issues

Dark Horse Comics - 25 issues (6 four-issue mini-series and 1 anniversary special)

That is 166 original issues of Groo the Wanderer released through 5 differant publishers over approximately 28 years (plus 2 original graphic novels).

Anonymous said...

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