Friday, April 15, 2011

Retro Toy Week: Grandizer!

Also known as Grendizer or Goldorak, he'll always be Grandizer to me, since that's how I first saw him, on the Force Five movie cobbled together from like sixty syndicated episodes.

This is a gashopon version of Grandizer, that I guess came from a vending machine, in two surprisingly small boxes. (Some assembly required.) He's a callback to the classic Shogun Warriors figure of the 70's, and while they aren't spring-loaded, his fists do detach for the 'screw-crusher punch!' And the neck articulates back, so he can look up while in the saucer!

A great little figure, that I got on eBay at just the right time, as in before the price spiked up. What this Grandizer would cost now is beyond me, but if you're a fan and can't spring for a two-hundred dollar giant version, he's well worth searching for.

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