Thursday, April 14, 2011

Retro Toy Week: Legend of the Dragoon Rose!

This particular post took me the better part of ever: Rose was a tough subject to photograph, for some reason, and took more tries than I usually do. (Because usually I do a batch and call it good...) Also, I had to do some research as to who she was and what line she was from, which I did and then promptly lost and forgot. From 2000, Sony, and Blue Box Toys, Rose from the Legend of Dragoon. While I play a fair amount of video games, I'm not a big RPGer; and I don't believe I've as much as seen this game. Feels like I must've seen ads for it in comics, but I for the life of me can't recall any specifically. Rose was purchased on the cheap from a clearance outlet, but she's a striking figure. It's an interesting look, and the bare leg reminds of me of a costume from classic Star Trek. Rose's sword is likewise an intriguing piece, but a bit heavy: her right elbow is a swivel-cut, and sometimes the weight of the sword will be more than it can support. I particularly like the shoulder-pads: they are held on by a rubber band (maybe? Maybe not rubber, since it hasn't deteriorated any.) of just the right strength and consistency to allow for full range of motion in the ball-jointed shoulders. The neck is just a swivel, though; and while Rose has a waist swivel, she only has hip joints, so standing her is a bit tricky. (The ankles look like they should have something there, but they don't.) As of the last time I looked, I didn't find a Rose on Amazon, although you can take a peek at the other figures from the line. There were six figures in the line, and I rather wish I had built the whole party; since it looks like prices range from reasonable to gouging.

A quick program note: as of right now, I think we have five more entries for Retro Toy Week, including two more later today. Next week may be a little slack in comparison, and I have a feeling the week after I may be forced into low-content mode. Best enjoy the toys now, then!

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