Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Of course I call him, "Frostilicus."

I've been doing a pretty good job of avoiding three-and-three-quarter inch figures lately. I haven't even picked up any of the new Thor figures yet, and some of them look not too shabby. Then It'sAllTrue.Net walked all over my resolve, with their review of the Marvel Universe Loki/Savage Frost Giant two-pack. It's a great review, of a pretty good set, and they sold me by pointing out the Frost Giant looks sharp with Marvel Universe scale, Marvel Legends, or even Masters of the Universe figures. (Check out their review, I'll wait.)

NoisyDvl5 mentions an old episode of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, where Loki...does something, and Iceman gets stuck in Asgard somewhere and ends up with a lady frost giant in love with him. (Check out the link here.) Actually, I was thinking of Iceman's guest-spot in Thor #377 and #378: Loki kidnaps Iceman, to use his cold to bring winter to Asgard and strengthen the giants, who grow with power as the chill grows stronger. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the giants go nuts and try to rush Loki, who is actually forced to melt a few of them.

Because his wife Louise was writing X-Factor at the time, the mutant team crosses over with Walt Simonson's Thor more than once. And it doesn't go especially well for them: Thor also appears in the big Mutant Massacre crossover, when Angel loses his wings, in Thor #374. After his guest-spot, Iceman's powers were ramped up to the point where he couldn't ice down, and had to wear a special belt to regulate his cold. A little secret? I'm not a huge fan of the classic X-Men/X-Factor team (with the exception of Jean, whom I don't mind) and would not have minded if they crossed over with Thor every year so something terrible could happen to them. The Beast's hair pink! Cyclops gets eaten by a bear! And so forth.


Dale Bagwell said...

Funny caption on this one! And since this frost giant's so versitle, I expect him to be featured in future skits.

SallyP said...

I've gotten a little more fond of Cyclops, but boy oh boy. there was certainly a time where I would have loved to have seen him eaten by a bear.

chiasaur11 said...

Yeah, I can see that angle.

Actually like the character and I can see that angle.

The Whedon run was really one of the best times for Summers. He actually was badass in that.