Monday, April 25, 2011

Low content week: Punisher War Zone #7

From Punisher: War Zone #7, "Mugger's Picnic" Written by Chuck Dixon, pencils by John Romita Jr, inks by Klaus Janson and Mike Manley. A "Carnival of Killers" story, where new mob boss Rosalie Carbone consolidates her power, and plans on getting revenge on the Punisher for betraying her. Meanwhile, Frank's taking a little break, which for him involves an evening shooting criminals in Central Park.

This storyline read far better getting an issue every month or so, rather than in one sitting; partially because a friend of mine started every issue by solemnly announcing: "Last time, on Punisher: War Zone..." Also, if you read it all at once, you'll notice John Romita Jr. didn't draw the whole arc; but Mike Harris, Mike Manley, and J.J. Birch do a good job of keeping the same style throughout.

The cop in the scan is Lynn Michaels, who would for a time take the title of the Punisher. I had to look her up, because I thought she was swept under the rug like Frank's stint as an angel; but Lynn actually appeared recently. Good for her.

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