Thursday, April 28, 2011

Low content week: Goat-Man?

From Golden Books Masters of the Universe: Secret of the Dragon's Egg, written by Jack C. Harris, illustrated by Luis Eduardo Barreto. Cobbled together this image from a two-page spread, since it wouldn't fit in my scanner. What's up with Beast-Man's lackey Goat-Man? Was he intended for the toy line but never made? I don't recognize him, anyway. How much would it suck to be the lackey's lackey? I leave you with these unanswered questions.

I got this kid's book from a yard sale a couple years back, with another MOTU book, a Fantastic Four, and an Inhumanoids that looks surprisingly creepy, with weird cultists who are tricked into worshipping a giant underground monster, then tricked into betraying said monster to worship trees. Man, it's not as cool as I'm making it sound, but Inhumanoids needs to make a comeback like yesterday.

Low content week ends early! New strip tomorrow morning, pulled from the headlines!...of comic websites. But headlines nonetheless!

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