Thursday, April 21, 2011

I tried, guys, really:

I had high hopes when I pulled a full run of Marvel's 1984 Beauty and the Beast limited series. In fact, I was considering blogging an issue of it a week, to fill the Thursday slot when I was finally done with "The Draco." And although I'm not a huge fan of either Dazzler or the Beast, when I saw Ann Nocenti wrote it, my hopes were raised even more than by the Bill Sienkiewicz covers.

Then I read it...yow. Dazzler and Beast become a couple, for no real apparent reason, except to justify the title. They spend a good chunk of the book either running towards or away from one another, in the best romantic tradition. There some leftover supporting characters from the cancelled Spider-Woman, there's a mutant theatre that'll make you long for the restrained, understated subtlety of the Morlocks, and there's the possible illegitimate son of Dr. Doom. (That bit is just weird, since it seems pretty obvious he's not, but Doom puts a lot of time, effort, and robots into watching him.) It's a bunch of seemingly unrelated ingredients that never turn into an edible dish; so yeah, we won't be going month long on this one.

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SallyP said...

For some reason that I can no longer explain, I actually HAVE this series...and yes it is pretty bad.