Monday, April 11, 2011

Retro Toy Week: Titan AE's the Drej!

Sometimes, when pulling figures for Retro Toy Week, I'm hard pressed to explain why I have a particular figure. This time, I have to explain why I have three of them. From 2000, Don Bluth, and Titan A.E.'s bad guys, the Drej!

Oddly, I suspect I have even another Drej somewhere. Well, maybe not: you can see them in the 3.75 inch test banner I did a couple years back. Bluey there was a pilot and came with a Drej stinger, but I've long since misplaced their accessories. Oddly, they are distinctly different sculpts, and Bluey isn't just a different colored casting: for one thing, Bluey has a vein on the side of his head that looks like it's throbbing something fierce.

I have no idea what scale the hero figures for Titan A.E. were, but the Drej make good, if relatively generic, alien bad guys for your 3 3/4" heroes.

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