Thursday, February 23, 2012

80-Page Thursday: Simpsons Comics #50!

Per blog law, we lead with the Hostess ad parody...
The cover calls it "an 80pg Bongo bumper crop!" and who am I to argue? From 2000, Simpsons Comics #50, featuring stories from Chuck Dixon, Gail Simone, Neal Alsip, and more; with art by Hilary Barta, Phil Ortiz, Mike Worley, and more.

I'm not sure if I expected the Simpsons comic to get to their fiftieth issue, but they're within spitting distance of 200 as I type this. It's always fun to see the writers and artists of the comic hit an idea before the show does, like the lead feature, "Wall or Nothing." When the lower Springfield lake is closed by order of Mayor Quimby, events are set in motion that split the city in two; not unlike the episode "A Tale of Two Springfields" that would air a couple of months later!

There's also an Itchy and Scratchy short, a couple of Radioactive Man features (including a Bizarro World-style visit, where the inhabitants are articulate and thoughtful, since RM is a bit thick) and a visit to Bongo Comics courtesy of Gail Simone and Matt 'Tex' Groening!

I don't read it, or the Futurama book every month; but Simpsons Comics is usually a solid read, as is this issue. Wonder if #100 or #150 were 80-pagers...

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