Thursday, February 02, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Dark Horse Presents #2!

Bruzenak's letters don't seem to have the flair they usually do today...
Since I got this issue for what worked out to...sixty-six cents, more than seven bucks off the cover price; I'm a little sad I didn't like this issue more. Dark Horse Presents #2, featuring work from Howard Chaykin, Neal Adams, Carla Speed McNeil, and more.
Seems like a lot of infodrop in this one, still.

We checked out DHP #1 a while back; and this features the second part of several of the serials: Adam's Blood, which I'm not sure of. Chaykin's Marked Man, which isn't as charming as some of his older work, as the lead's home life with his terrible wife still seems like jail would be the lesser evil. McNeil's Finder isn't as strong as the first part, since the lead's delivery job is still sort of fun, but his old friends look down at him while they commit odd crimes. Another Chadwick Concrete, another Corben Murky World, another Gilbert Mr. Monster; all fine but not rockin' my face off.
All I could cram in the scanner of this one, sorry.

I did get a chuckle out of Patrick Alexander's "Dark Whatsit of the Underworld: the Wraith." A violent, Batman-esque jerk wreaking amusingly senseless violence. Good for a few pages. Some of the rest of this issue may hold up better when re-reading with latter chapters, but so far...a mild disappointment. And I'm going to make a note here, so I don't forget, again: DHP#3 was 104 pages. That's why you haven't blogged it. Stop looking for it in the pile.

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