Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two new figures!...and fifteen old ones.

Got the new Marvel Legends Steve Rogers and Ghost Rider variants at Target last Friday! A big thanks to, for the tip on getting them before the restock!

It's the second time around for the above gag, check out last time.

These weren't the two I planned on picking up first--I was quite looking forward to the Constrictor and Klaw. Hopefully they'll be next, and it's looking pretty likely I'll get all the parts for Terrax later. Barring disaster...

The clear, 'electro-shield' came with the variant, and I was glad to get it! I think more Secret Avengers posts may be coming soon, though.


Dale Bagwell said...

Cap doesn't look that bad, but GH isn't doing it for me. Glad you found the electro-shield variant though, since the folks at IAT seem to dig it too!

Hopefully I can snag a figure or two this week as well, as I really , really want to snatch Capt. Boomerang and Toyman up quick!

SallyP said...


You know, Nova and Kyle probably would like each other.