Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"Flash Facts."

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There was an issue of JLA--looking it up, I think it was JLA #89, written by Joe Kelly--where Flash has to evacuate an entire city before it's destroyed so Dark J'onn J'onzz can reproduce. Yeah, anyway...Kelly has a line in there about Wally "sloughing off mass" afterwards, which would be a bit of technobabble to explain how he can achieve near-light speeds without being crushed by his own mass. But, it doesn't cover how skull-numbingly boring it must be to be the Flash sometimes. Just because he can do tedious, repetitive tasks in the blink of an eye; doesn't mean they aren't tedious and repetitive from his point of view.

While the Flash could doubtless evacuate a city in seconds; he couldn't, as Superman suggests, "put them back." He'd never remember where they all go...

The Blob figure from the X-Men: Evolution line probably isn't the best bystander figure--well, maybe that depends on where you live. I know I have other 'bystanders' floating around, but I don't have them as organized as I do for the kids.


SallyP said...

Poor Barry. Never any respect.

Susan said...

I love it when you hit the nail on the head like that in your strips.

Dale Bagwell said...

Me too, and that's why we all love that silly son of a bugger.
I have an old Wizard issue(Mid-early 80's) that kind of touchs on this, not to mention a letter written by a physics teacher that explains that if the Flash were to hit someone going the speed he does(186,000 miles per SECOND people!) he'd kill the guy, or send him into outer space....essentially killing him. Nice thought huh?