Monday, February 13, 2012

Here's hoping I can come up with a better title than "Cross-No-ver."

I've been writing posts and saving them for later--partially in case of emergency, or I get hung up with something, or spring finally comes and I feel like going outside again--or, as is the case with today's issue, I'm trying to create a series of more than two posts.

Anyway, crossover fatigue is today considered passe: general consensus seems to now be, either buy the big crossover events, or don't, but stop complaining about them either way. But here, we'll be looking at some crossovers that I truly believe will stand the test of time. They might not be the biggest or the best known, but these will both stay untarnished in your memories and be immune to future retcons.

Because they never actually happened. Which at the very least, means they saved you a good pile of cash if nothing else. Like today's crossover: Secret Wars III!

Yeah, that never happened. Except "Secret Wars III" is an obvious title; it was used in What The--?! #1 for a Ditko story, and again in Fantastic Four #319, where the Beyonder is turned into a Cosmic Cube or something. This one's better: Deadpool Team-Up #1, or Deadpool/Widdle Wade as I always saw it. Written by James Felder, pencils by Pete Woods, inks by Walden Wong. The cover has the old "Secret Wars II continues in this issue!" corner tag, but mentions III inside.

Set back when he was trying to work for the Kingpin, Pool tries to kill the Beyonder, as the Beyonder tries to pass himself off as the new messiah, Elvis. That already sounds better than most of Secret Wars II; but this is just a four-page opener, set in the past so a Yakuza flunkie can get a sample of Pool's blood for cloning...

Just another joke in a book full of them, but pretty good. Next week: a little crossover about a small matter...

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