Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's Cross-No-Ver: Small X-Pectations!

During "The End" week, we saw the last stand of the Micronauts. They got better...well, not all of them. The Micronauts were licensed from Mego, and when that expired, characters like Acroyear and Baron Karza reverted to them. Commander Rann, Marionnette, and Bug were created by Marvel, so they didn't lose the rights to them. Some years later, they returned as "the Microns," in today's actual book: Captain Marvel #6, "It's a Small Universe After All" Written by Peter David, pencils by ChrisCross, inks by Anibal Rodriguez.

Genis, the current Captain Marvel, is searching for Drax in the Negative Zone. Only, as Bug points out to him, it's not the Negative Zone, it's the Microverse. Apparently, the one and only now: previously, there had been several like the Micronaut's molecule-shaped Homeworld, Jarella's world (from the Hulk) or the world of the Psycho-Man. But, after a crisis with Thanos and "the Baron" and their attempt to destroy all the micro-worlds; the Microns and the X-Men defeated them, but "all the micro-realms merged into one."

I don't know if the "Small X-pectations one-shot" joke was from David, or editor Tom Brevoort, but I would've read it. Here, the fake crossover is a good way to establish how things were versus how they will be going forward, and that the Microns were tough before. That and it's a quick jab at comics and marketing.

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Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

this issue also featured a sculpture of Rom spaceknight in a panel so basically this issue was paying homage to the legacy of Bill Mantlo.