Thursday, November 28, 2013

Darn, I can't use "Batsgiving" as a title now...

This wasn't done as a response to those "Batsgiving" teasers that were in the DC books a week or two back--and which I saw online, since I'm not reading any DC books regularly. (I probably do still pick up a fair amount randomly, as sales provide!) I just had the idea of Alfred bagging out of making a big Thanksgiving dinner, since Bruce almost certainly wouldn't want it. I don't really think Batman is only thankful for criminals as an outlet for him to pummel on...well, not usually. I think.

And then I wanted to make up a crime to interrupt Batman's Thanksgiving, and why not lime jello? But this made me think of old seventies-ish comics, where the Joker and the Riddler had more of an unfriendly rivalry going, a "can-you-top-this?" as they tried to outdo each other and beat Batman, usually failing on both counts. Then they went with the Joker's default characterization being psychopathic murderer; and the Riddler couldn't really compete there: not psycho enough, nor killer enough. (Before you ask, Peter Milligan's "Dark Knight, Dark City" is an outlier, an anomaly; even if it remains my second favorite Riddler story!)

I wonder if the Bat-villains ever get bright ideas...say, Two-Face decides (after a coin toss) to rob a museum of an Egyptian cat statue. Or a clown painting. Something outside of his usual two-motif, then. Maybe leave a few penguin feathers or similiar calling card behind, to put Batman on a false trail. The problem with that idea: as Two-Face is robbing the museum, Batman's already laying in wait there for the Catwoman, so beating up Two-Face would just be a pleasant surprise.


SallyP said...

Outfoxed again! I do feel a little sorry for the Riddler though.

Dale Bagwell said...

Damnit Goo, you really are good at making Batman such a dick, but in a funny, lovable way. My hat's off to ya' as usual.

Poor Riddler indeed;)
Ha ha, green jelly. To quote Jack Nicholson "What'll they think of next?"

The Two-face frame job sounds really hysteical actually. Just think, Bruce has got a bottle or two of wine, some Barry White or whatever he's into, and maybe quick basket of food, kinda like the one you did eariler with Cheetah. But then Two-Face shows up. Man, Bruce would be so pissed at beting played and cock-blocked at the same time. There you go man, free skit idea;)

Finally, I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksiving. Hopefully you'll be smart and avoid those crazy bastards who plan on going out shopping later today tomorrow.