Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"Today's strip brought to you by the letter V."

Since this little plotline with Satana is going to run for a while, we're having another homemade strip tomorrow! Completely unrelated to this one, but there you go. And in real comics, Amazing X-Men #1 is out today, with the return of Nightcrawler! I'll be making my way to the comic shop this afternoon for that one.

In other news, it snowed here yesterday, and while my girlfriend is thrilled, I can't remember anything of this "fall" I've heard of. It seemed to go from hundred-degree days, to crap, with no leaves falling, walk around outside kind of days at all.


SallyP said...

That is a whole lot of Vengeance! Sorry about the snow. Here in New England it has been weirdly...nice!

CalvinPitt said...

Hmm, are the Ghost Riders going to form a band and serenade Satana with their barbershop rendition of "Vengeance"? That would be pretty fiendish (I'm guessing a flaming skeletons voice would be about as awful as Deadpool's).