Monday, November 18, 2013

The proprietor of Battlegrip, Philip Reed, has published two books through Kickstarter about third-party Transformers: Transforming Expectations and Transforming Collections. Even though I only consider myself a casual Transformer fan, I was really tempted by both of them; but ultimately held off, because I didn't want to be tempted. If you're not familiar with third-party Transformers, simply put they're figures made not by Hasbro, but by fans and hobbyists, usually in relatively small batches. Although the figures are often versions of familiar TF characters, third-party figures are distinctly separate from knock-offs or bootlegs: they're made with love, frankly. The enthusiasm shows in the product, and the engineering is often top-notch. So, I was leary of getting Mr. Reed's big book of plastic Transformers crack.

So, today, we've got some third-party Transformers...from that Big Bad Toy Store box, and Mech Ideas, we've got the W-01 Long Blast Upgrade Kit.

Using the included head, gun-barrel hand, and stickers; you can turn a specific Jazz figure ("RTS Jazz/the Giftset Jazz") into a new character, that resembles Shockwave. He's got a little backstory on the package and everything. He's also not why I bought this.

Also included: a laser gun and a P38 gun. They are both made to fit a standard size of Transformer hands, the 5MM fists. Perhaps you would better recognize the guns, however, by their proper names: Shockwave and Megatron!

While they of course don't transform, to my eyes they're pretty accurate versions of both characters gun-modes, sized so other characters can wave them around and shoot up the place! Presumably, Mech Ideas intended the guns for other Transformers to use, but they've fallen into the wrong hands. Namely mine...

Mech Ideas should consider selling just the guns, separately. I'm hoping this hasn't opened the door for a bunch of third-party figures, but I know there's a Soundwave Headmaster-styled figure I'm tempted for already. We'll see...


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Ha ha, nice! Nice finds too.
You're gonna get some much mileage out of those things man, especially, with Wade and Kurt. I'm smelling a QVC-like show/skit for those two. Man they could sell anything.

How's the back? Better?

googum said...

Getting there! I slept for an absurd amount of time over the weekend. Gotta get back to work!