Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Buying my Super-Skrull on the installment plan.

Well, at least we have our updated Fantastic Four! I'm sure they're thrilled--

Yeah, Reed's stretchy fingers creep me out too; but if I could put my finger--so to speak--on why...

Hmm. I guess 'sausage fingers' would usually be short and stubby, but I still find the stretchy fingers gross. Is that used more often recently? I'm used to a stretchy-fist punch, and Reed has a stretch-stomp in Contest of Champions that seems pretty effective. That game seems mostly on-point as far as character models too; since I think there were other characters whose appearance in-game indicated a new figure forthcoming.

Speaking of games, the only Spider-Man figures I've seen have been the Gamerverse versions. And several of them, now. I worried that White Rabbit was going to be a pegwarmer, but not yet anyway.

I haven't posted a ton from Preacher, but this was from my first single issue: I picked up the trades up to that point, then read it in singles the rest of the run. From 1997, Preacher #27, "Gunchicks" Written by Garth Ennis, art by Steve Dillon.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

So my main question is, since Reed has stretch powers, and can stretch ANY part of his anatomy, why the fuck is Sue still attracted to Namor? It's not like he can make his junk any bigger like Reed can....or can he? Maybe he has access to some Attlantian dick-enlarging potion made from blowfish toxin and seaweed, idk. Just saying...
The other theory is that Namor's the forever quintessential bad boy, so that kind of speaks to Sue's personality, much like Jean's attracted to the wild man aspect of Wolverine. Probably.

H said...

I figure it's one of those 'motion of the ocean' things. Reed's just too clinical about it. Namor is unpredictable- genteel and diplomatic one minute, fierce and destructive the next.

And, despite what Johnny was thinking, stretchy fingers are great for carrying Kirby Tech.