Wednesday, September 27, 2023


I think the last thing Gwenpool was in involved Julie Power and setting Gwen up as kind of an asexual icon; but I'm positive she's not going to get to play any sort of role in the current Fall of Krakoa stuff, since that feels pretty serious for a modern comic and won't have any space for about the funnest character in recent memory. Ooh, actually, the last thing I remember seeing her in was the trade for the 2020 Kelly Thompson Deadpool series, where a teary Gwen kinda knows she's being written out and wants to make sure Jeff the land shark has a good home, so gives him to Pool. It's meta-depressing, and while I love Jeff I'm not sure I'm thrilled that he's more popular than Gwen now. (That whole run was interesting, but also felt like they thought they were going to have all the time in the world for plots, and instead a new direction and writer started after maybe ten issues.) Anyway, I miss that weird little girl; I don't miss the pink and yellow fills!

Dogpool doesn't get any lines, but he's basically intended to sit on the back of Deadpool's scooter, and not much else. Lady Deadpool didn't have a ton of range, either: in Gwen's last panel, I had been trying to get Lady petting Dogpool in there, but no dice. Still, I can't believe Marvel hasn't got Deadpool Corps rings out there: just feels like an easy lay-up for Marvel.

Also, conveniently enough, Gwen's robot staff was actually from a NYC comic shop: I got  the Nacelle Company's Robo Force Maxx Steel and Wrecker from Forbidden Planet NYC for a song! I wasn't overly familiar with the old Robo Force line, but these are nice figures with weird suction cup feet. They feel like they were made by fans of the old toys, for fans.

Speaking of for fans, the Ciegrimites are of course from Bob Layton's Hercules, still pound-for-pound one of the most entertaining mini-series Marvel ever did. They were little snail guys, brewers and distillers, and I kinda feel like a lot of the universe would rally to their defense when they need it.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Nice strip today Goo. I legit got an unexpected hearty chuckle out of Gwenpool explaining how DogPool's definitely a Pool because he likes the worst kinds of food, especially the borderline legal stuff. God I sometimes wish my pets were that trashy eaters like that because that'd help save me $

Anyhoo, always nice to see Gwenpool show up. She should do it more often (hint hint) Same for Lady Deadpool, and basically any & all members of the Deadpool Corps.

Solid point about Marvel leaving money on the table by not putting out official Deapool Corps rings. I think they did or probably should've back in '09/'10 when those Blackest night rings were a thing w/ comic shops.
Probably would need to justify making & selling said ring by putting out a Deadpool Corps series, preceded by a "comic event" to kayfabe justify putting a Deadpool Corps series if Marvel ever needed an excuse to put out Deadpool merch tho, ammirite?

Never heard of these Ciegrimites before until now, but they sound like cosmic alien moonshiners and who doesn't love moonshiners & their bootleg hard liquor? Boy howdy!
They would most DEFINITELY be on a universal protected alien species list for sure.

H said...

Glad you explained that Ciegrimite thing (hey, Seagram’s- another punny name! Marvel was all over with those things in the 70’s and 80’s apparently). I was thinking you were talking about the Slurm guys from Futurama, and that stuff might not be something you want to drink or protect. Those guys are jerks basically.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

@H: Now that mention Slurm, it HAS to be related to the Stuff from the Movie The Stuff right?