Thursday, December 20, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Dark Horse Presents #13!

Today, another 80-pager I had been waiting for: Dark Horse Presents #13, featuring stories from John Arcudi, Steve Niles, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Mike Baron, and more; and art by Sam Kieth, Steve Rude, Dean Motter, Phil Noto, and more.
This issue features the first chapter of the relaunched Ghost, which is well-done, although I'm not sure I'm in for the long haul with it yet. (I read the original series to the end, and was planning on checking out the last issue next week.) Nexus, Finder, Alien: Inhuman Condition, and Mister X all continue, while the serials for Black Beetle, Criminal Macabre, the Occultist, and the Creep all wrap up. All rock solid--I wasn't really a fan of either the Occultist or the Creep, but both were strong here.
As usual, we'll be looking at a lot of DHP for 80-Page Thursdays; although a couple of them might be 84 pages or so. #14 is 104 pages, for the same price, with more self-contained stories than usual. #15 will come up sooner or later...

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