Thursday, December 27, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Superboy #138!

Since we're busy looking at last issues, we'll sneak a quick one in for the last 80-Page Thursday for the year: Superboy #138, featuring reprint stories from Jerry Siegel and Otto Binder, and art from John Sikela, George Papp, and Curt Swan.

This issue features "Superboy and Krypto's Most Terrific Battles!" and honestly? It kind of does! Including a Bizarro-Krypto, Dev-Em (the Douchebag from Krypton...the NuDC should bring him back as a hipster or something), an alien horse, literally tons of Kryptonite, a surprising police cover-up in Smallville, and Lex Luthor! In flashback, we see how young Lex lost his hair, right before he tries to abuse his dog...
Animal protective services must've taken poor Destructo away, since I don't think we see him again. Very sad...I don't know who would volunteer to take in Lex Luthor's dog, but that may be neither here nor there. More "The End" posts later today!

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Staci said...

I know who took in the dog, I believe they renamed him Sam. :)