Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The midseason finale of the CW's Arrow is tonight...and I really do hate the trend of calling it a "midseason finale." Still, it may be the opportunity for a big cliffhanger, and it hasn't been a terrible show so far. Enjoyable, not very good: the Huntress episodes really made me wonder why it was OK for Ollie to straight-up murder guys but not for her to do it.

Anyway, I showed a certain friend the DCUC Green Arrow figure, and she did not recognize him at all: "It's Errol Flynn, I think you got robbed." Hawkeye was in the same boat. But as Deadpool points out, it's not unusual for a movie or TV version to only vaguely resemble their comic book inspiration.


Staci said...

It's clearly Robin Hood! And Jeremy Renner never wore purple! :)

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Funny skit Goo, funny skit:)
The fellas definitely raise a good point, and as you say, that's really due to the "let's make them look realistic" viewpoint of most of these Hollywood/TV-show producers/creators.

They tend to forget that comics and comic characters are a purely visual medium, thus why the all the crazy outfits. I think they could try just a little harder to maybe be a bit more faithful to our 4-color heroes when translating them to he screen.

Love the bar set-up. Who'd that come with? And damn you for having that awesome Hawkeye figure;)

SallyP said...

I do find it awfully amusing that Ollie got tossed from the Flash Museum.