Monday, December 31, 2012

"The End" Week: Transformers: Generation 2 #12!

A couple of weeks ago, Battlegrip linked to "To Sell Toys" from If you've ever had a passing interest in the Transformers, and some of the contortions and hoops writers of fiction for licensed properties sometimes have to go through, it's a good read. This last issue is mentioned there, under the heading "Abrupt Conclusions." From 1994, Transformers: Generation 2 #12, "A Rage in Heaven!" Written by Simon Furman, art by Geoff Senior, Manny Galan, and Jim Amash.

Apparently, the Generation 2 comic was only intended to last twelve issues; although Hasbro probably would've green-lit more if it had been a sales behemoth. So, this was more like a chance for long-time TF writer Furman to play with some of the toys, as it were; in the hopes of doing something a little different. Which also means, where and how this fits into any Transformers continuity is anyone's guess; although that's often the case anyway.

The Autobots and Decepticons (at least most of the ones we know) have formed an alliance against the mysterious Swarm. Optimus Prime takes the Creation Matrix back from Starscream, then faces crazed Decepticon commander Jhiaxus, before being disassembled and rebuilt by the Swarm. (It's all in this issue, but Transformer fans know Optimus dies and comes back more than Jean Grey; and has more incarnations than Dr. Who.)
In the end, it looks like peace in our time for the survivors, although Optimus seems to also tell them all not to breed...however Transformers do that...and another threat, as always, still awaits. I'm a pretty casual Transformers fan--partly because I know whether you love any current version or hate it, another reboot or version is coming!--but I usually enjoy a random issue or episode of any given cartoon here or there.

Tomorrow: the Year in Toys!

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