Thursday, December 06, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: The X-Files Special Edition #2!

Here's a slightly unconventional 80-pager: from 1995, The X-Files Special Edition #2, reprinting issues #4-6 of the series. This reprint was probably because the X-Files was on fire then, but it works out, since these three issues were a complete story, "Firebird." Written by Stefan Petrucha, art by Charles Adlard.

The story begins in Tunguska, a couple of years before the TV show got there; but then moves to New Mexico. In this version of the event, it was caused by a radiation-absorbing firebird-squid thing, and it has returned for the crystal egg-thing it left and an old shaman that knows why it's back.

Especially in other media, X-Files writers had to walk a fine line: Mulder and Scully had to appear competent and intelligent as they investigated that week's whatever; yet still end up with no concrete proof or make any headway towards any of the big conspiracy goals. It didn't always work, and I might've liked to see Mulder and Scully more frustrated at the end of their adventures; but "Firebird" works pretty well in that vein. Scully has a couple bits of internal monologue where she seems to see the world Mulder sees; while Mulder meets what almost certainly isn't the secret cabal controlling the world. Probably.

I don't think they were all 80-pagers, but there were a total of four X-Files Special Editions, and they aren't bad reads if you remember the show at least a little fondly.

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