Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Something I had, some things I didn't.

Found a few cheap books over the weekend, but while I was thrilled to get them, two of them I had...in different formats! Or at least mostly. For example, I was glad to pick up Moon Knight Special Edition #3, a 1984 color reprint of early black-and-white MK stories from the Hulk Magazine #20 and Marvel Preview #21.

I actually had that Marvel Preview issue, but I didn't mind seeing this story in color: when the body of a CIA buddy of Marc Spector is delivered to the mansion of Steven Grant, Moon Knight is set on the case of a mind-control program called Operation: Cobra. This is an early MK story, but already the multiple-identities may be causing problems...

Stories by Doug Moench, art by Bill Sienkiewicz with Tom Palmer and Dan Green.

There was another comic I was surprised to find, but I had read it before as a reprint...possibly of a reprint! But that will keep until Friday. Also in MKSE #3: a house ad for a personal favorite, that I hadn't seen before, for X-Men/Micronauts, with art by Butch (Jackson) Guice and Bob Wiacek.

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

That Micronauts/X-men ad looks cool as hell. That one's supposed to be the first time Prof.X turns evil like Onslaught, just not as cool-looking.
Wasn't there a small body count on the Micronauts' side?

MK by Sienkiewicz, especially before he went all-painted art style, really looks cool as hell.

Glad you got some good finds Goo.