Monday, December 31, 2012

"The End" Week: Conan the King #55!

There are a few last issues I would dearly love to find for "The End" week but don't see happening anytime soon: ROM #75. (Incidentally, it's a pain to find ROM on the GCD!) Conan the Barbarian #275. Marvel's Star Trek #18. (Ooh, I had that one, and don't remember it as being good!) But instead, this time we'll check out Conan the King #55, "Nightmare" Written by James Owlsey (aka Priest!), art by Geof Isherwood; and "The Sword of the Elder Gods" Written by A.S. Blaustein, pencils by Dale Eaglesham, inks by Pat Redding.

This issue wraps up several years of plotlines, as the wizard Thoth-Amon has ruled Conan's former kingdom of Aquilonia for three seasons now. Conan's least favorite son, the young boy-wizard Taurus, has been serving Thoth for some time to keep his mom and sister safe; while Conn is dead, turned to stone. Or so everyone thinks, until Conn returns--apparently, his illegitimate brother is now a statue. Taurus is thought of as a traitor anyway, but is still hurt that everyone seems to love Conn best...
Thoth-Amon is less thrilled with his revenge over Conan, than bored out of his mind being king; so Conan's sudden arrival should be a welcome break from routine. Thoth's serpent ring has enough sorcerous juice to keep Conan from killing him outright, and eventually Conn, Taurus, and the witch Zandra help the king rally and finish Thoth-Amon once and for all. It's implied that peace once again returns to Aquilonia, while Taurus sulks but is secretly happy his dad is back.
How this fits into anyone's official Conan timeline, your guess is as good as mine, but it is pretty satisfying to see Conan finally finish off his longtime foe.

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Dale Bagwell said...

That last panel's fucking hardcore! Love it. That and I was Geoff Isherwood drew more mainstream books. I love his detailed art.