Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"The Power of Love...or Stereotypes. Either or."

I'm at least 40% sure the blue hope rings do more than, "shoot optimism," but here we are...

TheFwoosh pointed this one out: if you missed the recent DCUC two-packs with Blue Lantern Kyle/Sinestro Corps Hal or Azrael Batman/Battle-Damaged Batman, try Ross if you have one in your area! They're marked down to $12.99! As I type this, I haven't gotten around to picking up the BLK/SCH one, but it is tempting.

Will Hal's prank on Guy come back to haunt him? I had not thought that far ahead, to be honest.


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Ha ha! Damn good one Goo! Love the(maybe) unintentional Chemical Brothers reference there. The BL saying's supposed to be "All will be well", but yours works just as well;)

Huey Lewis, heh!

And very funny ruse on Hal's part w/the pink love rings. You had me going too w/that whole it's like Viagra enzyte, and colt.45 all in one. ha ha! Seriously though, I don't know how people drink that shit. It's nasssssty.

You got's to have a follow-up to this. It;d be cruel and mean not to:)

Oh, and don't sleep on that BLK/SCH 2-pack. Sure you already have Kyle, but that SCH is not bad looking. Plus you'll have an extra BL lantern, in case you don't already.

SallyP said...

HIlarious as usual. One caveat, because yes, I AM the recent WAr of the Green Lanterns, guess who ended up with the Pink Ring?

Oh yeah. Guy.

And he was AWESOME!

Although it did clash with his hair, and he was still half Rage. But still, man, Hal knows how to push his buttons.