Monday, December 24, 2012

"The End" Week: Gotham City Sirens #26!

Remember when Catwoman teamed up with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy? OK, remember when their little team broke up? In today's issue, Gotham City Sirens #26, "Friends, part four" Written by Peter Calloway, pencils by Andres Guinaldo, inks by Lorenzo Ruggiero; and Raul Fernandez.
Ivy is the one most incensed this issue, since she's realized Catwoman's been playing her and Harley. Under Batman's influence (if not outright orders) Selina acted like she needed them, in order to bring them together to contain them and point them at bigger threats to Gotham. Selina doesn't think of either Harley or Ivy as evil, and points out it's not like Batman would've just let them run around free anyway. (Dick was probably Batman for at least part of this story.)
Enraged at being manipulated by Batman, Ivy starts tearing up the city. Really starts tearing up the city, Biollante-style. Batman comes to put a stop to it (amusingly, we see Bats tell Commissioner Gordon to give Catwoman ten minutes, unless they start destroying the city...) but Catwoman stalls him; either pissed at being manipulated herself or feeling the girls deserved a head start. Fade to black, cue up the New 52 reboot.

This was one of a pile of last issues I picked up on the cheap, and while it's not a horrible reset, it might've been more interesting if the creators had been given the freedom to go completely nuts before the end.

Tomorrow, our usual Christmas rerun, then more last issues Wednesday. Go to bed now and it'll be Christmas faster for you!

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Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Yeah, you're probably right about letting the writers go nuts at the end since the book was probably going to be cancelled anyways.

Seems like it could have really been a decent book if it had a better writer/artist in the book. Didn't Paul Dini start this series? If not, he should've, or Gail Simone, or even Greg Rucka if he had maybe stayed there at the time.

Fucking reboot:(