Saturday, October 21, 2006

And now, a word on links, and some other oddball topics, not particularly related to anything.

From Weird Western Tales #18, "The Hoax" Written by John Albano, art by Tony De Zuniga.

I read a lot of comic blogs, but I've found that I don't comment as often now that I have my own blog I should actually be writing. Some of them offer new perspectives on old favorites, some are just hilarious, and others bring me up to date on books and characters I'm interested in but can't afford to buy every month. I am interested in other new or established blogs, to add to the sidebar, since that's what I usually use to get to them. I do have some other ones I need to dig up and add later, so if there's something comic related out there that's so great I should be reading it, let me know.

Just for example, over at Brandon's Random Panels, there was a link for Matching Dragoons, a very nice blog specializing in Jonah Hex. I was reading some entries the other day, and then later an article on Newsarama regarding wish lists for future DC Direct action figures, and I'm surprised Jonah Hex wasn't immediately mentioned. Speaking for myself, since I've been on more of a Marvel Legends kick of late, I want Hex, the original Doom Patrol, the Heckler, and the Creeper.

Yeah, they're never making the Heckler. Just thought I'd try to sneak that in, though.

I'm kind of meandering today, sorry. Here's something else:

Keith Giffen pencils from Justice League Europe Annual #2, "Too Much Time" Written by Giffen and Gerald Jones, and a ton of other artists, for a ton of guest-stars: Hex in the future, Bat Lash, Anthro, the Demon, the original version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and the Justice League America. Oh, and Waverider, once again kicking the space-time continuum in the crotch. This was the last of the regular Armageddon 2001 annuals, and on the last page Waverider touches Captain Atom, to see his future and if he is the hero that goes bad. As you may already know, it was originally intended to be Captain Atom, and it was changed to Hawk, of Hawk and Dove, at the last minute.

Which I'm OK with, to be honest. Early in the issue, the Captain tells his team, "I just...have to be alone for a while...I'll be back...after a while." He then shows back up at the end of the issue, to everyone's surprise. "Hey, I was gone for an hour. I got a cup of coffee and thought things out. Why? How long did you think I meant?"

After that, there was no way in my mind Atom could be the one that could become the evil Monarch. Not even.

Anyway, more tomorrow, and again, if there's something else I should be reading, let me know.


SallyP said...

Yes, the Dragoons site is excellent if you like Jonah Hex, which I do. Not too crazy about the future Hex however. But an action figure of old Jonah would be fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words, folks. WWT is one of the few issues that I'm missing (must get to ebay & find one) but I also plan on covering EVERY appearance of Hex and maybe even trying to showhorn them into continuity.

googum said...

That's a heavy load to lift, Dwayne, since even Hex's corpse makes several appearences...

Anonymous said...

An obsessed man's gotta do what an obsessed man's gotta do.