Monday, October 23, 2006

Sometimes I hate you, Ollie.

Sometimes I hate Ollie. He's smug, self-righteous, arrogant, a total man-slut, and at best marginally useful. His treatment of Black Canary and his son Connor is reprehensible. He wears his political beliefs like a dare, a challenge to the "fat cats" of "the establishment." He gets to go on and on about how "the mask is there to protect you and your family", but why doesn't anyone notice Oliver Queen and Green Arrow are the same guy!? I swear, while I share a lot of Ollie's political beliefs, moral stances, and bad habits; if I lived in a town with more than one loudmouth with that facial hair, I'd move to Hub City.

Dogging it today, sorry. Spent a lot of the day blowing out the sprinklers and other house stuff, then watching X3 and Heroes and a bit of the Smallville episode with Green Arrow. Giving Green Arrow a crossbow just seems like laziness, doesn't it? Although I have to admit, it probably isn't easy to film a lot of takes with an actor convincingly pulling back an 80-pound bowstring. (Or more poundage. I'm afraid I don't know enough about archery to say anything there.) Also, for TV dramatic purposes, just from what I saw, it's probably very difficult for the hero to lose and be threatened with his own weapon when it's a boxing glove arrow. I taped the rest of the episode, so I'll catch it later.


SallyP said...

I blush to admit this, but I am actually rather enjoying the version of Oliver on Smallville. It also doesn't hurt that the actor is adorable! But yes, the crossbow is for wussies. BTW, did you notice that "Duke" in the first scan is wearing a cute little green Robin Hood-like hat? He just loves Green Arrow that much!

Anonymous said...

I noticed you didn't tell us what comic and comic issue these panels are from, but that's okay. It's your blog. *blush*

googum said...

Frick. I'm usually pretty good at citing the comics, Herr Anonymous, but you got me on this one. Um, it's a World's Finest issue, one I've harshed on before, but not the one with Sinestro. This feels like deciding not to bother with deodorant then running into three ex-girlfriends. Sorry!