Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy (Random) Halloween!
1. So for Halloween here, I was just going to post a bunch of random semi-relevant horror, sci-fi, Halloween-type stuff. Fair enough.

2. So, I scanned a pile of panels while I watched Heroes over my shoulder.

3. While some of them I had planned on maybe posting about at some point, all these issues were lying within easy reach.

4. Why yes, my wife is quite understanding of my insanity, why do you ask?

5. But, after I got all the photos in, I didn't feel like typing up all the credits and issue numbers.

6. So, see if you can guess! Some of these have been reprinted six ways from Sunday, some might be tougher. See if you know the writer and artist too!

7. Of course, since this blog isn't sponsored, supported, or aided and abetted in any way...

8. It's not like there's any prizes or anything, sorry. Still, answers will be up sometime tomorrow. See how many you can get, good luck, and no wagering!

1 comment:

SallyP said...

Boy, Cap really has a flair for stating the obvious doesn't he? On the other hand, Nightcrawler is totally efficient.
Nice work.