Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I don't watch C.S.I. or anything, but I'd totally watch this scene.
From Judge Dredd #27 (Quality), "The Hunters' Club" Written by 'T.B. Grover,' art by Ron Smith. I'm pretty sure 'T.B. Grover' is a pseudonym for John Wagner, who, with Alan Grant, pretty much wrote every Dredd story for a number of years.

Even though I eventually got tired of Dredd's humorless fascism, the bizarre crimes in his stories were always entertaining, and usually wrapped up a lot more quickly and plausibly than your forensic cop shows do. At least to me, anyway, but I don't have the patience to get through the snippy, ironic comment over the crime scene, and have never made it through a Who song in the opening credits...where was I? Oh, yeah, Dredd's a prick too but it makes for a great comic book.

Feh, another short one today. Trying to build up some steam for a longer post, then I set the issues down somewhere. We'll try again tomorrow.

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