Monday, October 09, 2006

Gyrich is such a tightass, he didn't even get his own 'ironclad' pun.

Yet another panel of Iron Man fighting against government interference. Tony didn't take shrapnel in 'Nam (or wherever...) to be told where they could and could not dump industrial waste; which, by the way, is made while producing American-made products to keep the economy going strong! By god, if Stark Industries says that water is free of mercury, then it's free enough! You tree-hugging, mom's credit card using, stinky dreadlocked fake hippies wouldn't know progress if it shot you in the face with a repulsor ray!

...What? Oh, wrong fight. Um, sorry. In the above panel, Iron Man is fighting government interference of the Avengers. Carry on, eco-conscious citizens!

From Avengers #190, "Heart of Stone" Written by Steven Grant, penciled by John Byrne, inks by Dan Green.

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