Friday, December 12, 2008

Coincidentally, "Prescription: Violence!" was the original proposed title for General Hospital and E.R.

(Click to enlarge this one, it loaded in funny!)

(Warning! Spoilers and snark for Secret Invasion and Avengers #139 ahead! Avengers #139 written by Steve Englehart, art by George Tuska and Vince Colletta.)

We've seen Iron Man and Captain America at each other's throats here before, and Thor and Iron Man haven't been on speaking terms for several years now, but what about Hank Pym? Tony appears to be well on his way to becoming the scapegoat for Secret Invasion, probably Civil War, definitely Cap's death, maybe House of M, and the subprime lending crisis. Even though Thor apparently "killed" Jan, Hank could pretty easily end up blaming Tony. Why the hell not?

So, here's a quick look at Hank taking out some frustration on Iron Man. The Wasp was nearly blown to bits by the Toad...geez, Jan. You're making the Invisible Girl look like a UFC cage fighter. To be fair, the Toad had some stolen weaponry from the Stranger, but still: the Toad.

(Incidentally, I don't have the Toad Marvel Legends figure: he was part of the very first wave. Yeah, Captain America, Iron Man, the incredible Hulk, and the Toad. And he was a holdover from some earlier line that was never released, so poor Mortimer isn't even as articulated as the average ML figure. But, he is rare and kinda pricey now, so maybe he got the last laugh.)

Hank's mad as hell, but that still had to hurt his hand more than it did Iron Man.
Anyway, in a tizzy, Yellowjacket takes a swipe at Iron Man, but before either of them can react or escalate the fight, YJ is saved by the ludicrously poor timing of Whirlwind, who seems to swoop in only because he saw the opportunity to zing Hank, badly. Really, if you're pretty much Hank's arch-enemy (well, his or Jan's) maybe you want to let Iron Man soften him up a bit; and by that I mean beat him down for you.

Well, it remains to be seen if Hank will blame Tony again this time; and from the previews it kinda looks like Hank's going to be a depressed wreck rather than a surly one. Too bad, but probably just as well for him.

Coming up Monday: comparing Dark Reign and Acts of Vengeance! Both had villains sitting around a table Better come up with something over the weekend...

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SallyP said...

Poor ol' Hank. All the self-control of a two-year old.