Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Timing, part eight.

Yeah, Stryker was pretty much bought just for this bit. I know I bought the first issue of Silvestri's initial Image offering, Cyberforce; and I still have like a special or zero issue with Walt Simonson art, but that's it. Bluntly, it's the X-Men, except with cybernetics instead of mutations, and Silvestri seemed to want the years of continuity and background that X-Men has, from the first issue out of the blocks.

We all know Deathstroke, but Star is a Spider-Man looking character from Savage Dragon, that actually got a figure in the last wave of Legendary Heroes. I still haven't bought him, Ann O'Brien (from Art Adam's Monkeyman and O'Brien) or the Darkness; although oddly, I probably could still find them in town with a little legwork. Distribution locally was terrible, but drug stores have that wave of figures, somehow; like one figure per store. Huh.

"Timing" continues on Friday, and later this afternoon, a surprisingly long post on the XFL of Iron Man armors! Both were expensive on multiple levels, hyped to the ceiling, and lasted a year before disappearing forever. Don't remember the XFL? That's OK, no one remembered this armor, either...

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