Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Timing, part two.

Giant Final Fantasy-style sword or no, Korvus really does suck; but his suckiness is undermined by the fact that he's so totally doomed. He's got tragic death that's forgotten twenty minutes later written all over him.

I like Rachel a lot, since she was on the team way back in John Romita Jr.'s first run on Uncanny X-Men, back when I first started really reading it; then her stint on Excalibur. She always seemed to have a pretty cheery attitude considering she's likewise utterly doomed on so many levels; and her origin needs a flowchart to make any sense.

The last I saw, she and Korvus were the only Starjammers or X-Men or whatever still on the loose, since third Summers brother/tool Vulcan had taken over the Shi'ar Empire and captured Havok, Polaris, and the rest. I know it's leading up to the next crossover thing, "War of Kings," but it seems like they've been out of play for a while. Also, can anyone explain to me why Gladiator (the big mohawked Superman type) and the Imperial Guard (the thinly, thinly veiled Legion of Super-Heroes analog) always, always, always, end up on the bad guy's side? Worse still, they know it! Some jerk takes over, but because he's on the throne, the Guard obeys, even when said jerk declares war on the universe. Every time...


SallyP said...

ALL the X-Men need a flow chart to explain their origins, but some are even more convoluted than the others, and I do believe that Rachel falls into the latter categry.

Gosh, that was a twisted sentence!

And yes, the Imperial Guard are a bunch of idiots.

Sea_of_Green said...

... cause the only thing stupider than a Legionnaire is a FAKE Legionnaire? ;-)

CalvinPitt said...

I'm glad to see Wade so eager to help Cable, especially after Cable totally dumped Wade and their book to take part in Messiah Complex. The metal-armed hussy. I was kind of hoping she was looking for help for her problem, and it was going to be Wade and Kurt. . . IN SPACE!

'Cause really, Darkhawk and Rocket Raccoon are going to be mixed up in this thing; Kurt and 'Pool will fit right in.

I have a friend who's a big fan of the X-stuff, he keeps saying that Gladiator ought to just take over the Shi'ar. He just needs to be feeling sure of himself that day and he's good to go. I'd take him over Vulcan.