Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You can't tell, but they have the heater going something fierce in there.
The weird thing is, I used to know all the buttons in the Mach V...
I'm waiting to see what the weather's going to be like on Christmas, but right now it's looking like if I can get out of town, I'll be OK on the highway. Best of luck to everyone driving for the holidays, and be safe.

Deadpool is rocking Orion's helmet (from the DC Direct version, although there was a recent version with removable helmet from DCUC) just because, really. Looks kind of sharp, really: if I had that, I'd wear it. Nightcrawler was going to wear Enemy Ace's goggles and helmet, but couldn't get them on over his ears. Also, I should've got more snow in the tires and everything. Ah, next time.

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