Monday, December 22, 2008

Timing, part ten

And, afterwards, you can blame your murder spree on a yellow alien bug! Wow, consequences are awesome! Thanks, DC Comics! (I'm not the first to point that out, but it does bear repeating.)

DC Universe Classics has new Booster Gold and Blue Beetle figures coming up, and while the DC Direct figures have done well for me, I'm looking forward to more poseable versions. Booster would've had a more conventional handgun (that's a phaser rifle from Playmates old Star Trek line, which made a ton and a half of different characters, but most had their accessories all molded in the same color...) but both of Booster's hands are fists. (A recent development: It seems funny to me, but DC Direct has more Booster and Beetle coming in a later JLI wave. I think the Blue Beetle there has a bit of a paunch belly.)

We're going to take Christmas off, at least from the regular "Timing" strip, even though I'm writing this in advance, so the next strip will be Wednesday, then another Friday. Still, over at "Lying in the Gutters" Rich Johnston noted that a lot of bloggers and sites take the Christmas holidays off, even though that's exactly when a good number of readers are at home looking for entertainment, so why not try to get some Christmas-week content going? Well, we'll try that: the goal for this week is twice weekday posts, probably one comics related, and then one toy comic or related post.

Which means I should start a Christmas post now...

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SallyP said...

Ooh, Booster and Beetle! I am so happy to hear that new figures are coming out, I'd kill for one of Beetle,but he's too expensive.

I don't think they should kill Deadpool and Nightcrawler, but Beetle DOES have a point.