Monday, December 01, 2008

Timing, part one.

Where indeed? What's next for Nightcrawler and Deadpool? What does that time distorter even do? Well, it's gonna be a couple days until you find out: "Timing" is going to be ongoing for a bit, with a couple pages every couple of days or so. It'll also be tagged as "Timing" so you can check back or read it all at once.

Of course, between the homemade posts, I'm still going to try to have some regular comics coverage, even if it's just a description of what's in the box: I have some absurd number of Diamond comic shipping boxes, filled with comics in varying degrees of organization, and I was thinking about recapping them box-by-box, in hopes of figuring out what I have and what I do or don't, that sounds like more work than just scanning a couple of panels and calling it good.


SallyP said...

Poor Deadpool. The urge to push that nice shiny buttom must be nigh irresistable.

Sea_of_Green said...

Arrrgh, I HATE cliffhangers!