Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Even if you're not a plastic hording toymonger action figure collector (which kinda begs the question why you're here...) Toys for Tots is a great charity, and one that I always make sure I have something for every year. But this Christmas, besides that warm feeling of giving, or a cynical excuse for you to buy that pegwarming DCUC Penguin figure in the hopes of Toys R Us finally restocking Wave 4; now you have a couple more unexpected, and awesome, reasons to give: over at Toy Bender, Paul's got a great contest going, so you can win prizes for helping kids. That last link is to an update with more prizes, and Cobra, commanding you, I now you have no excuse.

What's that? You need more of a reason? You've got some nerve, buddy...but, if you live in my neck of the woods, or what the heck, gas is cheaper again; The Comic Book Shop's new Valley location (Spokane Valley, not any other, possibly more renown valley...) is having a little visit from the 501st Legion Saturday December 6, from 3 to 6 PM! Blazes with Santa, bring a toy for donation and tell Lord Vader what you want for Christmas! (I'm asking not to be strangled, the greatest gift of all...)

Of course, Paul's pulling for you to give G.I. Joe figures, and the 501st would probably prefer a Star Wars toy or two, and I'll probably donate some inexplicable third thing. Hopefully some pictures this weekend, but local or no, be sure to give!

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