Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maybe TMCM needs his own action figure...

Man, I really enjoyed the first few issues of Shannon Wheeler's Too Much Coffee Man (the above page is from issue #4) but I haven't read it in a dog's age. I think the format has changed, right? From floppies to magazine or something? I don't know.

I was looking for this issue, though, since a while ago I was going to misquote Wheeler's line, "Unrequited love is like hitting your head against a wall that isn't there." I was probably referring to action figure distribution and hunting, though. Like, looking for Wal-Mart exclusive DC Universe Classic or Wal-Mart exclusive Marvel Legends Nemesis wave, is like banging your head on a wall that isn't there. Anyway, tons more Too Much Coffee Man at their homepage here, so give that a spin: again, haven't read it in a while, but the early stuff was right fine.

Later today: if you knock over an army's worth of soldiers in one punch in a book nobody read, does it make a sound effect?

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