Thursday, May 17, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Superman 80-Page Giant #1!

We checked out an earlier one of these a while back (with the same numbering even!) and commented how DC sometimes seems to use their 80-page books as tryouts for new writers and artists, as well as a chance for established creators to take a quick shot with a character. This one seems to be more of the former: from 2010, Superman 80-Page Giant #1, featuring stories by Kathryn Immonen, Pat McCallum, Sean Ryan, and more; and art by Clayton Henry, R. B. Silva, Tonci Zonjic, and more.

While the first story, "Cold," takes place when Clark was a boy in Smallville; most of the others could have been tweaked and fit anywhere in Superman continuity, even post-52. Kathryn Immonen's "Patience-Centered Care" is a lark with a sick Lois being a terrible patient, while Clark seems to give up on the idea of taking care of her rather quickly to shove pianos out of windows instead. Hmm.

In "Got Bugs?" the Daily Planet is infested with, well, bugs; but ones accidentally brought from space by Superman. That could either be an extinction-level event, or wrapped up in ten, some small-time criminals answer the question "Why Metropolis?" Because compared to being put in jail at super-speed by the Flash, socked with a boxing glove arrow by the showboat Green Arrow, or beaten and terrified by Batman; well, Superman taking you in doesn't seem so bad.

"Superman is my Co-Pilot" is about a young, introverted man on his way to severe agoraphobia before Superman saves him. Maybe. In "Five Minutes," Clark has just that before a dinner date with Lois, which gives him a little time to help out Metropolis.

Last one's probably my favorite: "On Break," checking in with several Metropolis (and elsewhere) citizens in the aftermath of a Superman-Bizarro fight. There's a relatively realistic amount of property damage, that would probably be terrifying to the average citizen; although in terms of Superman comics it actually seems almost minor. Yet, it's still presented as a little scary, even with Supes there.

Not a bad one today, then.

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Dale Bagwell said...

I love the part where Superman/Clark gets bored with taking care of sick Lois. Who of us haven't been there, even when we're supposed to be taking care of our loved ones. But yeah, this one really fits.

Good one.

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