Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"It's a Shame About Ray."

"It's a Shame About Ray" is, of course, the title of the Lemonheads' fifth album. No YouTube links because I hate them. (I do love me some Juliana Hatfield, however.)

Off-topic already...that's a good sign. The Indigo Tribe Atom figure isn't necessarily bad, but it definitely wasn't one I went out of my way for. I got him at a Fred Meyer store about three blocks from my house, clearanced down to $8.84. But he wasn't the only one marked down, as we'll see next week...

I'm only vaguely keeping up with events in the proper Green Lantern comic; but I know the recent storyline has been all about "the Secret of the Indigo Tribe." It's kind of messed up, and makes compassion--that is the "emotional spectrum" indigo is supposed to be, right?--seem completely weak. Well, the Talking Heads were right: "They say compassion is a virtue, but I don't have the time."

Two band references this idea if that means something.


Dale Bagwell said...

Nice job on the skit. I'm really interested to see how it all turns out, but it'd be nice if some drug references were made, because it just seems natural. Of course that could be just me because my mind's always in the gutter.

Congrats on the band references and using song titles as skit titles. Maybe I'm slowly but surely influencing you guys to start doing that. Maybe not huh? Hey I dig using song titles for skit titles because they just seem so natural and creative. Especially when they seem to fit so seamlessly for skits. Well that, and I'm lazy, so there.

Now who else did you get dirt cheap? If you say someone I've been really wanting but can't find in the conventional way, I'll hunt you down and, and.....steal it form you. SO there.
Scared yet?

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh and yes I'm digging the current "Secret of the Indigo tribe" storyline too. It just seems such a shame Johns' is finally getting around to fleshing them out, just as he's pretty much destroyed them. Oh well. At least Black Hand's back, and that is a good thing...not for Hal though.