Friday, May 11, 2012

Still avoiding spoilers, thanks.

Man, have I even read a comic this week? Scan from What If? #5 (Second series, 1989) "What if Wonder Man had not died?" or "What if the Vision destroyed the Avengers?" Words and pictures by Jim Valentino, brushes by Sam De La Rosa. It's a retro-flavored little thing, where instead of recanting too late and spending a lot of time dead; Wonder Man instead reveals himself as Baron Zemo's pawn in time for Henry Pym to save him. Joining the team years earlier, the Avengers history is drastically changed. Aside from the above page, where the big three come charging in against an Ultron you wouldn't recognize; there's a fun bit where the Swordsman refuses to take the Mandarin's job of infiltrating the Avengers and gets fried for his lip.

I've told a few people already, but I'm going to the Avengers movie Saturday: I would've gone earlier, but it didn't seem fair to go without the kids. "Sorry, son, but you know, spoilers." Ugh, today is just going to seem like drudgery now. Still, later today we might watch the other Marvel movies (and the season finale of Fringe, guest-starring Leonard Nimoy!) which might mean we may finally open the DVD of the Incredible Hulk that I think I bought before Christmas 2008. I liked that one, but we just never got around to it, and then it was funnier not to open it, so...

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Dale Bagwell said...

I used to have this one, and now wish I still did. It is indeed an awesome issue. I know Agent Coulson's supposed to die(oops spoilers)but feel free to tell me the rest when you have time this weekend.