Wednesday, May 09, 2012

"Date of the Dove."

Oh, sure, a girl falls in love with a ghost (like Dove and Deadman) and it's "tragic" and "romantic." But a guy digs up a corpse, and it's gross...wait, it is gross. I don't know where I was going with that. And I think Dove dated the alive Deadman before he was dead for like the fifth time, but letting that go...

Y'know, an Angry Birds/Hawk & Dove skin would be a lot of fun. And I've often figured coming back from the 23rd or 30th centuries to the present has to just be gross: imagine going back to the 14th century. I guarantee it's less fun than you just pictured.

Ugh, I didn't get Booster's first balloon positioned well there. Well, too late now. Somehow, more Hawk & Dove next week!


Dale Bagwell said...

Goo, I think the positioning of the word balloon fits, since it's hanging around his, you know, man-junk. Ahhh, bet you didn't think of that huh?

Awesome, awesome skit though, if nothing else because you've exposed BB's poor/non-exsistant sex-life, brought up Necrophilia(in a googum blog no less, who knew?), and included Hawk and Dove. Of course you probably just included them to further rub it in my face that you own them and I don't. That's fine, that's fine, I got you goo, I got you.....Ha, have a good one buddy!

I look forward to future Hawk and Dove skits.

SallyP said...

Fabulous. ANd yes, although I like Deadman, I do think that Dove could do better.

God, I miss Ted.

CalvinPitt said...

Play up your money, Ted! You own your own company, you must still have a few dollars to your name. Not like that shiftless Booster, living in his son's home.

Dang, that would have worked better before the relaunch, wouldn't it?