Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy weekend, so you get Captain America vs. Count Plaqula:

Nostalgic for Hostess Ads? This'll put the end to that.
Admittedly, my current toothpaste doesn't make me feel like a superstar...

I think that might even be Kieron Dwyer art, from the back cover of Transformers #58. Anyway, I was busy all weekend, and it was really nice out, so I'm behind here. I did get to the Comic Book Shop and got some of the new books like Warlord and the new Hellboy and B.P.R.D., but also got a good stack of old Marvel Transformers issues.

You can see Ironhide and Ratchet based off the toys, not the animation model...
I read Transformers as it came out, back in 1984, for the first year or so: the art was never great, there were a lot of inconsistencies from the cartoon's continuity, and not unlike G.I. Joe, it seemed to introduce a couple dozen new characters/toys every issue. G.I. Joe was usually a better read since Larry Hama had a bit more of a storytelling vision, and more of a framework to build on. (Hama could build off of real-world technology and events, even if just as a starting point.) I still like those issues, even when they have to backtrack to cover stuff they messed up the first time.

I also got a Transformers Digest, and I still miss the hell out of these cheaply printed little things.

Scans from Transformers #2, "Power Play!" Plot by Bill Mantlo, script by Jim Salicrup, pencils by Frank Springer, inks by Kim DeMulder. And the Transformers Digest #9 cover from Transformers #17, possibly from Don Perlin.


chiasaur11 said...

Technically, the cartoon disagreed with the comic, rather than the other way 'round.

Comic first, and all that. Also, the comic had Death's Head.

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