Friday, May 28, 2010

New series!? up at Articulated Discussion!

That's right! Over at Articulated Discussion, where you can get a heaping bowlful of toy reviews, Bootleg Tuesdays, and a ton of toy strips from myself and others; I'll be doing Bastards of the Universe strips for a while!

I should explain that I personally don't have the unbridled love for the Masters of the Universe that others do: I wasn't getting toys in most of the 80's, after getting most (if not all) of Kenner's Empire Strikes Back figures. I never watched the original cartoon, either; although I did get a fair amount of the 200X figures and watched that a few times. Even taking that into account, I still don't understand how people who are MOTU fans can put up with Mattel's handling of the new Masters of the Universe Classics line: the figures are spendy even without postage, by all accounts the website has a host of problems, and so far Mattel has been making just enough figures to sell out almost immediately.

In fairness, the sculpting team of the Four Horsemen have been delivering quality figures, occasionally marred by warping in package or less-than-perfect paint. And how many fans would even have a chance to get a Tytus figure outside of the Classics line? Still, it struck me as at least potentially extremely aggravating; and I remembered knock-off, 'me-too' lines like Warlord that were specifically intended to cash in on MOTU...

Anyway: check out today's strip at AD, and let us know what you think!


Wes Grogan said...

I have actually totally sworn off of the MOTUC line and MattyCollector. I'll still buy it second hand if they ever get cheap enough to be worth it again (doubtful) but I refuse to deal with that hellborne website ever again. It is not worth it to me, it is not fun, and it is murder on my wallet. So yeah, I'm with you on that and LOVE the Bastards of the Universe!

nyrdyv said...

All hail BU.

Uhhh, not Baylor...


Steven G. Willis