Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From the Spokane Comicon:

The Spokane Comicon was this last weekend, and I had a lot of fun shooting through all the cash I had for it! And through sheer happenstance, artists for two comics I'm reading right now were there! Dustin Weaver of Marvel's new S.H.I.E.L.D. series was there, and was excited for that book--I'm looking forward to seeing where that one goes. Weird thing: I dinged up my copy of issue one, but it came with extra pages in it! At first, you're like neat, bonus pages, and then you're trying to read it and figure out if you're read the same pages four times...

And Chad Hardin of DC's Warlord was also great: he seemed disappointed that the book is ending, but I believe he'll be drawing Zatanna later. Good for him, and for you!

I picked up a Nightcrawler Toon Tumbler glass--didn't even wait to see the price on that one, just grabbed it right up. And a good pile of cheap books, some replacements for ones I've lost over the years, some new to me. And a good chunk of those will end up blogged about here, possibly as soon as tomorrow! Thanks again to Chad and Dustin, and be sure to check out both of their books!


NPH said...

Hey Man, I am glad to hear you had fun. Next show: May 21, 2011.

nyrdyv said...

It is great to hear you had a good time!


Steven G. Willis