Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tomorrow, we celebrate four years of insanity... the sense of doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. It'll be the fourth anniversary of Random Happenstance, so we'll have Wednesday's strip then. It's also been two years and change since I started doing homemade toy strips with Nightcrawler, Deadpool, and later Falcon. (And a ton of other figures.) They aren't on every week, but more often than not. Finally, here's a listing of all their 'continuity' strips.

Deadpool and I, part 1.

Deadpool and I, part 2.

What About Bob?



It's the Great Disaster, Charlie Brown.

Two Years and Running.


This Means Nothing.

Hey, Nyquil Driver.


This will not end well.

Checkup from the Neck-up.

Prognosis: Negative.

This will also not end well.

(Almost) Deleted scene.

...schedule out six hours. jerk.

Side effects.

Opposite of a Moped.

While I was out.

Date Night, part 1.

Date Night part 2.

Timing, complete.

Taskpool, part 1.

Taskpool, part 2.

Taskpool, part 3.

Taskpool, part 4.

Taskpool, part 5.

Out today. You know why.

America's Pasttime.

Still haven't seen that movie...(Out of order!)

Noir: it's not for everybody. (Deadpool fans, this is like the last regular strip with Pool for a while...)

Deadpool and I?


I don't want to see those covers.

Everyone needs a hobby...

Bound to happen.

At least he can hold the bat.

Make 'em say Nth.

...the business end of the comfy chair.


Not everyone has their OHOTMU handy, Kurt.

They weren't really 'secret' wars...

Now it's over...

Wreckered, part 1.

Wreckered, part 2.

Wreckered, part 3.

Wreckwing, part 1.

Wreckwing, part 2.

Wreckwing, part 3.

How Deadpool saved Christmas. (This one's out of order, but Deadpool's in it.)

Synonym for Arrival.

Processing and reunion. (And Deadpool returns this episode!

Escape is, well, possible, but...


Time served.


Three franks a job.

Deadman? Dead end? Dead zone?




If he be worthy, or Poolhammer. (Out of order!)

Road to prison.

Belle Reve.


Nightcrawler's gonna miss the next SW barbecue.

Is Nightcrawler toast?

I've been trying to find a good, reader program to use for these. I might be able to use Issuu, but haven't got it worked out yet. New strip tomorrow!

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nyrdyv said...

I think a good blog title might be "Is toast made from Nightcrawler?"

Mmmm, maybe not on second thought.


Steven G. Willis